Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 3

By Eaglefx On August 26, 2022 in Affiliate Learning Centre

Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 3

In the first two segments of this series, we discussed the buyer persona journey and why it is so important to affiliate marketing. We also covered how vital the calibre of your content is and how to provide consistent, high-quality content to your target clientele. We ended Part 2 by exploring ways to repurpose your content in order to maximize your reach. In Part 3, we take an in-depth look at effective ways to repurpose your content, as well as provide some basic examples to get you started.

What Does it Mean to Repurpose Content?

Simply put, repurposing content is taking existing content you have created and adjusting, editing or adding to it in order to share it on multiple platforms. Often this can mean turning articles or written content into videos, scripts or infographics, to name only a few. Why waste so much time creating content that may never get published, when you can effectively alter existing content into a whole new media product.

Derivative Content Strategy:

This is one of many affiliate marketing strategies one can take on. Derivative content models focus on building your content strategy based on content repurposing. Using an example, we will demonstrate how the aim of this strategy should be to create new marketing channels, extend your reach and attract new sign-ups all while supporting the final project or topic.


You are looking to do a series of interviews with Industry specialists and influencers. Before you contact your specialists, you would have already outlined a content execution plan. This could include any or all of the following:

· You will create video interviews for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

· You will use these videos on any blogs you run

· Screenshots from these interviews nestled amongst the dictated version on your blog, will give a comprehensive overview to your readers.

· You will turn each interview into a typed guide and offer the whole collection as a PDF eBook, with each interview being a chapter.

· You will edit the videos to fit relative formats on social media sites such as Instagram Reels or YouTube shorts.

· You will isolate the audio if possible and create a podcast that you share on various platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.


All these actions use the same basic source of information yet with a small amount of editing and tweaking, can generate significant high-quality traffic. Not to mention the fact that you have built a catalogue of valuable information. This catalogue can be monetized while simultaneously promoting your sign-up links.

Monetizing Your Content:

If you have followed us through part 1 and 2 of this series then you will be very aware of how important it is to offer valuable content. Combining your efforts and research into a product can put you in a powerful position, where you are able to offer sought-after information to a large group of people.

Why not monetize your hard work? Some ways to earn extra income with your collection of content:

· eBooks

· Email courses

· Private podcasts you subscribe monthly to hear

· Host webinars

· Monthly ‘exclusive’ newsletters with information not readily available online


These are only a handful of options to choose from. Don’t be shy to get creative with ways to repurpose your content and build your customer base. The more experience you gain with this strategy, the easier it will become to execute your content plans and create multi-streams of information to attract clients.

Spoiled For Choice!

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