Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 1

By Eaglefx On August 10, 2022 in Affiliate Learning Centre

Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 1

Forex and CFD affiliates are some of the highest earning programmes across the entire affiliate industry. There is plenty of opportunity to accumulate earnings and, with an ever-evolving digital marketing environment, there are always new ways to affiliate market waiting to be discovered and perfected by you. Here are three industry secrets to assist you with your affiliate campaigns and reach:

1. Understand your Target Audience/Buyer Persona

Having a rounded and detailed understanding of your target audience is vital to your affiliate marketing. Asking yourself questions such as ‘who am I trying to attract’ and ‘who is interested in my links and associated services’, is a great starting point to refine your campaign and have them reach their full potential.


Basic details you would want established to get started include: 

  • Their age group 
  • What do they do for a living? Is trading full time or a part time interest? 
  • What websites or online blogs/magazines are they reading? 
  • Where do they spend their time online? What social media platforms are they actively engaging on? 
  • What motivates them? What do they desire to achieve more than anything? 
  • What are their hobbies and interests? 


Once you have outlined these details, take it a step further and refine your audience based on their niche interests and how they use them. In your case, these would be good starting points: 

  • What markets are they trading? 
  • What trading strategies do they follow? 
  • Do they monitor other famous traders/ trading mentors? 
  • Do they day trade, hedge, scalp, long-term trade? 
  • Where do they regularly get advice from? 


Once you have established these factors you can start to analyse your information and find areas that your audience has issues with or content that is not readily available to them. Offering a solution is valuable information and definitely information they will return for regularly. This is why building a Buyer persona template is so effective.

These templates will allow you to direct your campaigns in the most efficient way, in order to maximize your reach and sign-ups while simultaneously developing a strong relationship of quality and trust with your audience. Remember, if your content is poor and vague, your clients will not return nor recommend you. 

2. Know SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Learning some of the basics regarding SEO can be very beneficial to your affiliate business. Many affiliate partners forget about this or don’t take the time to learn more on the subject. Unfortunately, they are really missing out on good opportunity. Basic SEO can truly help generate quality leads as well as quality traffic for your affiliate business.

SEO will help you appear on search engines and get noticed by your intended clientele. Ranking for certain keywords related what to your buyers want, can turn a good campaign into an unbeatable one. This is another reason establishing buyer persona templates is so fundamental to the affiliate marketing industry. However, don’t stuff keywords into your work, you can be punished for this by various search engines such as Google.  

3. Offer Valuable Content!

We cannot stress this point enough. Do not waste your time with directionless, vague page-filling content with some SEO keywords stuffed into it. Your audience is intelligent and if you treat them otherwise, they will know it instantly and they won’t frequent your platforms nor promote you to others.

Using point 1 to assist you, determine what your target market is in need of, what problems they are experiencing and where there is a gap in the current available resources, that you can fill. Offering help and practical, useable information will be what keeps bringing your customers back and signing up with your unique affiliate links. So, ensure your content is helpful, high-quality and most importantly, clear, concise and easy to understand.


With these important tips, you can source the right traffic for your campaigns and keep high-quality clientele frequenting your platforms and using your unique sign-up links. Stay consistent and you can expect to see the desired results of your efforts.

At EagleFX, we offer multiple resources on how to affiliate market and maximise your reach and income. Keep a look out for part 2 of this series or visit us here for more helpful materials aimed solely at benefitting your marketing campaigns.

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