Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 2

By Eaglefx On August 18, 2022 in Affiliate Learning Centre

Secret Tips for Achieving Higher Affiliate Earnings - Part 2

Welcome to the second segment on marketing secrets to improve your affiliate businesses and generate high-quality traffic. In part 1 we covered tips on how to get your feet off the ground when affiliate marketing. In part 2, we will go into some detail on how to create valuable content as well as offer more useful secrets to successful affiliate marketing that can elevate your campaigns and generate return clients

4. Map the Three Stages of the Buyers’ JourneyIn part 1 we discussed what a buyer journey is and why it is important. Now we will take a closer look at how to strategically map the three most fundamentally important stages of the buyers’ journey. The process may require your time and effort but with a little experience, it will become second nature to you: 

Stage 1: The Awareness Stage 

This is where you make your audience aware of the problems that need solving. Your content needs to identify and justify why these problems exist and highlight the need for a solution.

Stage 2: The Consideration Stage 

Your target audience/buyer persona will be researching information about the problems you have highlighted, in hopes of finding a solution. Therefore, it is wise to grasp the opportunity to create content that explains the solution they are looking for.

Stage 3: The Decision Stage: 

Your audience will carefully consider their options to resolve their problem, this is where your content can secure the deal! Here you can upsell the solutions you have provided and address any other beneficial features or functions of the platforms you are promoting.

Here’s an example to help you: 

      5. Consistently Keep the Quality Content Coming

      Now that you have identified your buyer personas and isolated and addressed their pain points, it's time to focus on continuing to provide valuable and engaging content. One-hit-wonders aren’t good for long-term affiliate marketing sign-ups but what exactly makes high-quality content?  


      Here are three vital tips to keeping your audience engaged: 

        6. Maximise Your Reach by Repurposing Content

        Return of Investment or ROI should be maximised in order to make the most of your efforts and content. If you have identified fundamental pain points for your buyer personas and created engaging content offering solutions to every step of their buyer’s journey, then you can find alternative ways to reach your audience by repurposing your high-quality content.


        Here are several ways you can benefit from repurposing content:

          There are several effective ways you could repurpose your content. These include creating an eBook, reposting on all social media platforms, creating videos, publishing work on open-source platforms and adjusting still images into reels or stories, to name only a few ways. Get creative and remember, research is key to success in affiliate marketing.  

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          The sky’s the limit, get started today!