Education: Another Pot of Gold for Affiliates

By Eaglefx On October 27, 2022 in Affiliate Learning Centre

Education: Another Pot of Gold for Affiliates

Sometimes we forget about this fruitful niche for affiliate marketers – Education!

While results may not immediately compare to other niches of affiliate marketing, nowadays online learning and autodidacticism have become a much larger industry than ever before. Here are some ways to tap this market and why it could prove to be so fruitful.

Why Are People Choosing Online Learning?

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift to remote working, people are increasingly interested in online education, in order to develop the skills required to navigate today’s constantly evolving work environment. However, the pandemic only contributed to a fast-changing world, where the rate of technological advancement was already exponentially increasing.

Progress in the AI and automation fields has caused somewhat of a disruption to traditional labor markets as we have known them. This has brought about structural change as well which in turn can create a sense of uncertainty for many who aren’t sure what their future looks like in this evolving landscape.

What Type of Educational Materials Can You Offer?

When it comes to your particular target market, there are many areas in which you can offer educational materials. Not only can you address the trading aspect of online investing; you can also educate people on physically navigating the EagleFX platform as well as the MetaTrader4 platform.  

Here is a list of ways to create educational materials:

        What Information Can I Provide?  

        When it comes to the content of these educational offerings, you will need to decide this for yourself, as it will be dependent on your knowledge and ability to teach it. Remember, it is very important that you understand what you are talking about, copy-pasted materials from others will be identified quickly by your audience and they may lose trust in you.

        They want to know your opinion and teachings are based on personal experience and feelings. In this sense, always make sure to be honest and allow your audience to relate to you through your tone and voice.


        Here are 10 topics you could consider making educational materials on, just as an example of the type of content you can use to affiliate market your sign-up links:

          In Conclusion

          This niche allows you to embrace a wide range of required needs from your audience. You have an opportunity to problem solve for your audience members, which usually aids significantly in increasing your conversion rates. Education is also not restricted by location, age or gender, it is possible to convert traffic from all over the world, therefore do not limit yourself.

          If you are looking for more information on creating educational courses for Udemy, simply click here to navigate to the EagleFX Affiliate Learning Centre, where this resource as well as many others, are available to assist you with your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

          Don’t forget, should you require any assistance or additional marketing materials, you can contact our specialty affiliate marketing department where an affiliate manager will directly assist you.