When it comes to affiliate marketing, tapping into all available resources can only help your campaign. That’s why we have put together this article exploring how to leverage sign ups and traffic through Udemy educational courses and their platform.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online educational resource offering courses and materials across multiple specializations and categories. They provide anyone an opportunity to educate themselves in topics they may not usually have access to for various reasons, such as time, location and finances.

It is relatively easy to become a member of Udemy and offer your own course and educational materials from their website. According to their website, they have educated over 46 million users and with this comes opportunity as an affiliate promoter.

They offer training and skills development for individuals looking to start teaching courses via their platform but aren’t experienced or confident in their abilities yet.

Let’s explore how you can partner with Udemy to increase your own traffic.

Start Teaching on Udemy:

Now this isn’t always going to be an easy option for everyone. If you would like to start offering courses in order to increase traffic sign-ups with your unique affiliate link, then you will need to know what you’re talking about. If you have a decent understanding of trading and financial knowledge, you can certainly use this to your advantage through Udemy, here’s how:

1. Promote your broker

It is a pretty simple task to add your affiliate links and promoted brokers into your content and teaching. Try blend your recommendation with the context of the lesson at the time, as to make the suggestion seem less obvious to the learner. This can be done via backlinks in materials, direct verbal promotion or you can even design your entire course around the broker you want to promote.

2. Use your Broker

When teaching trading, it can be lucrative to have your clients sign up using your unique affiliate link and then teach them using the platform as a place to demonstrate what you are trying to convey. Remember you can have endless Demo accounts to practice trading with EagleFX.

This way, the clients sign up using your link and will most likely continue trading on this platform as they are aware of how to navigate it already, as well as use the various trading tools provided through EagleFX. You too can encourage this through your materials and strategies for trading.

Partner with Udemy Teachers

Another way to market via Udemy is to try partner up with existing teachers in fields that you know traders may participate in. You can promote the courses provided by these educators on your various platforms in return for them to promote your sign-up links during their classes and in their materials, they provide to their students.

This creates and builds fundamental relationships with people who may benefit your career in multiple ways and vice versa. You never know what partnerships and new opportunities can arise in the future from networking.

In Conclusion:

While it may be a niche area to extend your affiliate promoting into, every channel can make a difference especially in collaboration with other platforms you promote on. Not to mention the lasting relationships and business you can manifest through your new work acquaintances.

Don’t forget you also have access to a marketing package with various banners, posters, flyers etc. that you can use when advertising to new potential sign-ups. Alternatively, contact your affiliate management department with any questions you may have.

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