There are many ways to market your unique affiliate links. Where and how you incorporate them into the digital environment around you can have significant impact on your success. In this article we will cover several areas to market your sign-up links, in an effort to increase traffic and encourage investors.

1. Reviews

This is a great way to reach a range of different people. Not only can you write a review of the business you are promoting on your own platforms but there are other online domains that you can add your review to such as Google or Trustpilot. A good place to start is by researching and identifying key SEO search words and including headings and subheadings your intended audience would likely be searching for. Additionally, make sure to give an in-depth review and include valuable content the reader would find helpful and encouraging, this includes but is not limited to:

· How to sign-up with the business

· What services they offer in detail

· Pros and Cons of the platform

· Tips and advice on how to maximise their user experience

Remember to be objective and fair with your reviews, overselling will be noticed by your audience, be transparent and clear. This is more likely to be relatable for your audience, who prefer an honest source.

2. Affiliate Banners

Our affiliate marketing department also provides our affiliate partners with a full marketing package. These include advertising materials that can also act as links, which can be placed strategically to receive traffic. Here are some ideas:

· The sidebar of your blog.

· The header and footer of your website.

· Embedded in blog content.

· In email marketing messages.

Be creative with your ideas but remember not to overwhelm your audience with too many flashing or distracting images, be strategic with your placements.

3. Social Media

Here is another great way to promote your links and many of these platforms are free to use or offer affordable marketing packages. You can promote your links through posts and comments on your own profiles and others. Facebook is great because not only can you potentially interact directly with individuals, you also have access to communities and channels dedicated to the exact business you are promoting. Other popular platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitch.

4. YouTube and Tutorials

Education is a great way to share your content and your sign-up links. Making tutorial videos, that cover aspects of the business you are marketing, can generate significant traffic. People often search for tutorial videos on YouTube, which is another great way to incorporate your affiliate links while providing content of substance that your audience finds useful. There are two main ways to include your sign-up links in your videos on YouTube:

1. Include them in the description of the video and make a shout out or call-to-action during the video to ensure viewers are aware and encouraged to navigate there.

2. Use annotations. These are popup bubbles or windows that can be displayed during your video at predetermined and strategically chosen times.

5. Automated Welcome Emails

As an affiliate marketer you understand the importance of a data base of emails. Generating new followers and subscribers is fundamental to your marketing campaigns. Automated emails are a good way to promote your links without spamming or overwhelming your reader. You can embed the links in articles you share in your automated emails however, make sure to prioritize the integrity of your content over your potential affiliate income. You want to build relationships based on trust with your audience, through the reliable help and education you have provided them.

6. Tools and Resources Page

To produce consistent passive revenue through your affiliate links, it is important you try to establish yourself as a thought-leader or influencer in your relevant industry. As a strategic move, you could create a ‘tools and resources’ section on your website/s. Here you can discuss various aspects of the business or product you are marketing in detail. You must know and use these products in order to give authentic advice and reviews. If you can articulate your honest passion for your product your audience will recognise this and hopefully be inspired to invest as well.



Get creative with where and how you can evolve your affiliate link placements, these are only a few popular ways we have mentioned. Keep in mind not to spam your audience and visit our Affiliate Learning Centre for more helpful ways to increase your affiliate marketing revenue and generate more traffic to your platforms.

Don’t forget, should you require any assistance or additional marketing materials, you can contact our specialty affiliate marketing department where an affiliate manager will assist you.

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