One of the struggles many affiliates face is how to promote their affiliate links when they don’t have a website. Although having your own website is a fantastic place for sharing your content and promoting your affiliate links, it is not necessary for earning with affiliations. In fact, many affiliates do not have any websites yet they are extremely successful.

In this article, you will find the best methods for leveraging your presence online and promoting your affiliate links without having a website.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networks are the go-to platforms for reaching thousands of people and growing an audience you can capitalize on.

However, to be successful and grow a following, you have to create valuable content and be consistent long enough to be found by your ideal audience. You don’t need to trick the algorithm, rather you want to use it to your advantage. When stripped down at their core, social media’s purpose is to keep the users on their platform. Therefore, if you create content that keeps the users engaged, the algorithm will reward you with massive exposure.

Every social network has its unique features and it’s up to you to pick the one that matches your style, your skills and has the audience you want to engage with. For example, if you are good with pictures and infographics, Instagram and Pinterest might be your best choice. If you prefer professional written content, LinkedIn is second to none.

It is also worth considering Telegram and Discord. These apps have been growing extensively in the last few years, especially amongst traders and investors. You can create your own groups/servers and populate it with your insights.

Be active where your audience congregates

If growing an audience on social media might seem daunting, you can join those platforms where people interested in trading congregate and share your unique insights. The main advantage of this strategy is that you don’t have to grow an audience because it is already there. On the other hand, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Online forums are a popular choice for this strategy. Here you need to follow the conversations going on amongst members and bring your unique view on the subject to the table. In addition, most forums allow for signature links. This way you will have your affiliate link attached to any contribution you make to an online conversation.

The modern alternatives to online forums are Telegram or Discord. You can easily explore these platforms and find groups focused on specific subjects. The drill is the same: share your valuable insights and promote your affiliate links.

Having said that, avoid spamming your affiliate links rather place them strategically with your insights. The risk is possibly being banned and ruining your reputation right off the bat.

Create an online course

If you are an expert on a specific topic, creating a course might be a smart way of killing two birds with one stone.

On one side, you will have the proceeds from the course, on the other side you pave the way for building your authority and sharing your affiliate links with the students. As long as your course provides real value, your students will likely follow your advice for picking the platform you are affiliated with.

Many websites allow you to create a course and start selling it. A search on Google will give you dozens of alternatives.

Email Marketing (Paid or Free)

Email Marketing is a strategy that works in any industry, including that of trading.
If you don’t have your own audience yet, most websites offer the possibility to buy a space in their newsletter for placing a banner with your affiliate link. Otherwise, you can make a deal for having your crafted email sent to their audience and promoting yourself and where you can be found online.

This strategy might be costly though. The alternative is using platforms like Substack where you can run your own newsletter without the hassle of maintaining a website. The main effort is to write something that traders want to read and, contextually, share your affiliate links.

Guest blogging and online publications

A time-tested method for exposing your affiliate link to a broad targeted audience is to publish fresh valuable content on someone else’s websites.

Guest blogging will help you to grow your authority in an industry and drive traffic to your social profiles or to the broker you are affiliated with. The very first step is to create a list of sites that your ideal audience trusts and then contact the owner to make a deal.
There are multiple websites that will gladly accept giving you space in exchange for unique pieces of content. However, sometimes you will have to pay to get exposure to their audience, especially if the website is truly popular.

Alternatively, you can use popular platforms like Medium and garner similar results. However, you will have to face some competition in order to have your content stand out.


Being successful with affiliate marketing requires effort and consistency. This article presented time-tested strategies for promoting your affiliate link outside of a website. You might prefer one to another. However, the essential requirement is providing content that your audience value and being consistent long enough to be discovered.

Don’t be afraid of sharing your thoughts and insights. It will take time to find your voice and your style, but you will be rewarded for your hard work and commitment.

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