Discord and Twitch are two growing platforms that can help affiliate partners build a strong relationship with their audience and increase their reach through their marketing efforts. 

In this article, we are going to explore how these platforms work and how affiliates can make the most out of Discord and Twitch.  

What is Discord? 

Discord is a text, voice and video app, that has seen tremendous worldwide user-growth in the last few years. Discord mainly attracts communities interested in specific topics with some of the most popular subjects being finance, investments and cryptocurrencies.  

Discord is also used by small communities for online meetings and project coordination. 

Discord is conveniently compatible with all smart devices and desktop computers, as well as, laptops and tablets.

How can Affiliates Benefit from Discord? 

 If you are an affiliate who wants to leverage Discord, you have to create a Server or a Channel 

A server is where you and your followers can interact with each other. It is similar to a Facebook group in the sense that you can invite people to join, as well as, define the rules and flow of the server, amongst other features.  

Alternatively, you can create a Channel, which is a more traditional way to release your content and topic-focused updates. In fact, channels can have rooms where only a specific topic is discussed. For example, if you are a cryptocurrency expert, you can have multiple dedicated rooms covering: CFD Trading, Technical Analysis or TA, DeFi, ICO, Gaming Tokens and so on. 

Discord also provides another type of channel: stage channels. These are voice channels where only selected members can speak, but other members are allowed to join under specific circumstances. 

An interesting feature of Discord is to attribute roles/ranks to users and these come with special privileges and permissions, particularly access to exclusive channels where a creator can place premium content. 

This multitude of features makes Discord a great place for creating communities and interacting with your targeted audience. Hence, as an affiliate you might want to consider which features best suit your style and the type of interactions you want to have with your audience. 

How to get the most out of Discord? 

Discord gives you flexibility in managing your community and monetizing your affiliate partnership.  

On your server and channels, you have to share content that provides value to your followers and engages with the user. The goal is to create a lively community and become a preferred source of information. 

When it comes to creating a community on a sever or channel, your first aim should be to onboard the already existent followers you have on other platforms, I.e. Social Media, Mail list, Website visitors and any other areas where you have loyal followers. Visit our Affiliate Learning Center to benefit from multiple, detailed, how-to guides covering how to build a following on the most popular platforms and much more. 

Alternatively, you can also attract users that are already using discord by advertising your server on other servers. A common strategy is to contact the owners of a server that shares similar topics as yours and ascertain how much it will cost you to post a link to your server with them or try propose a link exchange.  

Additionally, you can join other Discord servers and participate in the ongoing discussions, sharing your expertise and making users aware of your own server through this community.  

Once you have a following, you can share your affiliate links and capitalize on your audience through targeted topics and quality content. 

If Discord doesn’t sound like a platform you want to invest your time in, an alternative growing platform to capitalize on your affiliate efforts is Twitch. 

What is Twitch? 

Twitch is a web platform for live video streaming. It is mainly used by gamers who live stream their sessions. However, it is growing traction in many other fields, particularly trading and FinTech. Twitch was founded in 2011 and in 2014 was acquired by Amazon.  

At the core of Twitch are the content creators that connect with their, often large, following base, by livestreaming their content. 

Content creators can also earn money by affiliating directly with Twitch. We will not dive into the specs of such affiliation; however, you need to have a decent following and commit to regular livestreaming sessions. 

Despite the baked-in affiliate program, most content creators use Twitch to leverage their own businesses and their external affiliate programs. 

How can Affiliates Benefit from Twitch? 

 The central purpose of Twitch is to livestream content while engaging with your audience. Your live sessions have to be valuable and help your followers.  

In the DeFi and FinTech industries, content creators use Twitch to discuss topics such as their market views, to analyse charts and even AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) sessions where they collect questions from the audience, to name but a few. 

When you livestream on Twitch you can then share your affiliate links with your audience, thus promoting your affiliate business. Additionally, you can share your recorded sessions from Twitch on your YouTube channel/s and use the Twitch session as fresh content on YouTube for those who cannot follow you on Twitch. 

Along with questions, by livestreaming on Twitch you have the option to receive donations from your audience through the app, which could be a great way to make a little extra income. 

However, as with all types of platforms where you engage with users, your primary goal is to create content that your followers value thus allowing you to create a genuine relationship with them that lasts.  

Twitch, like Discord, works better when used to strengthen a community. It is also important to remember to make your channel a reliable and valuable source of information. 


 Twitch and Discord are two growing platforms that help content creators monetize their marketing efforts. Both platforms are very intuitive and are rapidly expanding across the globe, especially amongst people interested in finance and cryptocurrency. 

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