With its 206 million daily active users globally, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many content creators turn to Twitter for growing a following and monetizing it. 

Moreover, given the properties of twitter, it attracts people interested in trading and investments, making it one of the best platforms for affiliates who want to leverage their content and promotional link. 

Having said that, growing on Twitter is not going to happen overnight but there are time-tested strategies and tips that can help build up a following quickly. 

Such a process is the core of this article. We will learn how to grow an audience on Twitter and how to monetize it with affiliate campaigns. 

How to Grow a Following on Twitter 

Before outlining the strategy to foster growth on Twitter, it is fundamental to look at how it works.  

The very nature of Twitter is to share breaking news or up-to-date information.  

Therefore, users (and the algorithm behind the scene) expects those kinds of content. 

In addition, and this is the unique feature of Twitter, there is a limit of 280 characters per tweet.  

However, tweets offer a lot of freedom to content creators as they support images, GIFs and Video. Additionally, it is possible to share links that transfer users outside of the platform, an incomparable advantage to affiliates. 

Given this structure, to start off your journey on Twitter you want to keep in mind these points: 

1. Select a niche 

First and foremost, you have to decide what your content will be about. Then, as your content has to be engaging and valuable, you need to know that industry well. Therefore, be specific and pick a niche that you are passionate about. 

2. Keep a high standard  

Regardless of the “niche” you selected, ensure to share high quality content. In fact, to grow a following you need to first attract and then retain users. This is possible only by posting highly quality content over and over again. Of course, you don’t want to overthink anything you tweet. However, avoid to tweet for the sake of tweeting.  

3. Curate your tweets  

You can create the best content in the world, but if you do not format it properly, it will pass unnoticed. Therefore, format your tweets so they grab attention. A common structure goes as follow: 

  • Strong statement 
  • Elaboration of the statement 
  • Question 
  • Another strong statement 
  • Elaboration 
  • CTA 


If you have long content to share, you can use a thread: a set of nested tweets. In that case, the first tweet will be the most important as it is supposed to grab attention and the successive will have to maintain the user engaged. Hence, before posting, put yourself in the reader’s shoes and see if your tweet flows. Then, tweet it. 

4. Consistency beats Intensity 

As much as you want to grow on Twitter, consistency is key. You can post the best content in the world, but if you do it for just one week, you won’t go far. Instead, approach it as a journey and strategize your effort so that it can be sustainable in the long run. Consider it a marathon, not a sprint.

5. Hijack Hashtags  

Compared to other social media, Twitter still offers the possibility to grow organically. Hashtags are a fantastic tool to leverage your growth by getting your content spreading around the platforms. Additionally, you can use a strategy called “hashtag hijacking”.  

Any time a hashtag is trending, you can create an engaging tweet featuring that hashtag. Of course, the tweet has to be coherent with your industry and the trending hashtag. Don’t just insert trending hashtags randomly in your tweets. When done appropriately, this strategy will give your profile a massive exposure. For free. 

6. Be active 

Interacting in your niche is the secret sauce of any growth strategy for social media. It works fantastically on Twitter. In fact, Twitter often shows to users what the profiles they are following like, answer or retweet. Therefore, interacting with your industry “colleagues” will foster interactions thus bringing you in front of your targeted audience and give you wider exposure. 

Similarly, when your followers start to interact with you, don’t let them unanswered. Engage with them and create a relationship. This will pay massively in the long run. 

7. Play like a pro 

If a random tweet is the first impression, your profile is the second impression. Therefore, be sure to customize your profile with a coherent profile picture as well as a powerful description that gives you authority and hints at the benefits of following you.  

8. Link your other socials and website 

To further boost your growth, let the world know you have a Twitter profile and why they should follow you. Feature your profile on your website and on your other social media, asking your followers to follow you on Twitter as well. Do not underestimate cross-platform followers. 

We can finally understand the pillars of a growth strategy for Twitter. However, once you have a following, it’s important to monetize it. How can you do it on Twitter? Which strategies work best for affiliates? 

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter: How to Monetize your Audience 

Twitter offers multiple ways to drive your following to your affiliate campaigns as it allows external links.  

The first place to insert a link is your profile. Here you can direct users to your website where you can capture their emails or redirect them to the brokers you are affiliated with. 

However, the best place for leveraging your affiliate links are your fresh tweets 

The link you insert has to be always coherent with your tweets. For example, if you share a chart on why $AAPL is going to rise soon, you might also claim that you are trading it on EagleFX. Then, you can disclose that you have an affiliate link and redirect your following to the broker. 

Last, the “Ace up your Sleeve” of your twitter strategy is the pinned tweet 

This tweet stands at the top of your profile and has to be used for promoting your profile and convincing new users to follow you. However, nothing prevents you from adding your affiliate link disclosing where you place your trades. Consequently, as your following grows so will the users who can sign up with your link. 


Twitter is a fantastic place for affiliates who want to grow an audience interested in trading. 

However, building your following will take time and consistency but the rewards will be high. The most important thing thus is to approach it in a sustainable manner and be consistent with your content creation. Additionally, with the EagleFX Commission Scheme you don’t need millions of followers to be profitable. A few hundreds of followers can become a solid source of earning. Contact your Affiliate Manager today to learn more. 


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