It may be easy to find helpful information on how to affiliate market and increase your sign-ups, however, there is a lot less information out there regarding what should be avoided when creating marketing campaigns and content. At the end of the day, nothing is truly free and nothing is obviously easy, here are a few points to try steer clear of when establishing your affiliate marketing campaigns and strategies. Avoiding these major mistakes will put you on the right path to success;

  • Prioritizing Income over Information

    While your main goal is going to be increasing revenue through sign-ups, you need to be careful not to make this priority overshadow the other areas of impact you can have in order to create sustainable and reliable income going forward. This kind of mindset can result in your content being mediocre and your results poor.

    It would be wise to find a decent balance between providing useful, beneficial and educational, high-value content as well as sales-based tactics. Try avoid being intrusive with your ads as to not cause too much friction and have your users leave out of frustration or disappointment.  


  • Putting Out Low Quality Content and Materials

    As an affiliate marketer, your content is the selling point of your product or service. It is therefore vital that the product you offer be at a competitive standard, in order to stand out amongst the others and have clients return regularly. Far too often we see affiliate marketers that think 10 average posts will outperform 1 excellent post, this is not the case.

    Once you have identified your topic and have done adequate keyword research to ascertain what it will take to outrank your competitors, ask yourself these questions when creating your campaigns:

    – How many backlinks do your competitors have in their work? 
    – What’s the average word count of the top-ranking posts?  
    – Does your post include images? 
    – How is the readability of your posts?  

    Once you have defined these, you now have a solid framework off which to design your posts to ensure you have top-ranking content. 


  • Ignoring the Speed of Your Website

    Bounce rates are vital to successful campaigns. Did you know that if it takes longer than 2 seconds for your website to load, your bounce rate can increase by 50%. Small differences, such as 1 second, can really make a large impact on your success. Users are generally impatient and with so much available on the internet, you need to have an efficiently operating platform in order to even compete at all.

    There are several areas you can research in order to improve the flow of your website and eliminate any unnecessary delay-causing features and software. Doing this will generally result in better conversion and click rates.  


  • Neglecting Content Structure and Readability

    The modern-day user has a shorter attention span and much less patience for confusing or hard to read content. It is important to keep in mind the way you lay your content out, the font size you choose (especially on mobile phones) and the length of your sentences.

    Keeping fonts on the larger size as well as ensuring the sentences are not longer than 25 words per sentence, can greatly increase the number of users viewing your content. Not to mention the actual information you are providing is easy to understand and implement. Research shows readers prefer simple language, therefore if you need to look up a word, it is probably best not to include it.   


  • Not Fully Comprehending What You Are Selling

    This is a mistake seen all too often with affiliate marketers. It is vital that you invest time and energy into learning what you are promoting. One of the worst things you can do is underestimate your readers intelligence and savvy. In the age of internet, you risk being called out for inadequate or incorrect information.

    Make sure to constantly stay updated with the relevant information of your field. You can subscribe to newsletters, put on notifications for social media updates and posts and continue your own research. You should take on a forever-learning approach.  


  • Ignorant to SEO Basics

    With many competitors out there, not incorporating SEO into your content is simply detrimental to yourself. The first step to take is optimizing your title and meta tag. This ensures people will find your content through keyword searches.

    There are several website providers that offer extension tools that help optimize SEO for you, you don’t even need to do much yourself. It is also important to recognise the immense value of back links and internal links. These help to establish ranking as well as internal hierarchy of content, ultimately making the experience easy and fluid for the user.  



If you are able to follow these guidelines, as well as others included in our Affiliate Learning Centre; you are definitely on a path to successful affiliate marketing. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 customer support centre. Alternatively, email our affiliate department directly where you will be provided resources, educational materials and advertising/marketing packages with banners and graphics.  

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