Launched in 2004, Facebook was the first social network to reach extraordinary mass global success. Despite the concerns revolving around the company, today Facebook attracts 2.6 billion users worldwide and retains a position of leadership that seems untouchable. 

In addition, given the versatility of the platform, it fits the creation of content of any type and attracts creators involved in any industry. Hence, the affiliate case for Facebook is simple: 

Billions of users + Boundless creativity = High Potential for Leads  

Facebook is unquestionably a must for leveraging your affiliate effort, and in this article, we are going to see how you can get the most out of it and boost your earnings through affiliation. 

How to do Affiliate Marketing via Facebook the right way 

 As with all social networks, the principles for being successful are not different on Facebook. In fact, what you want to aim for is to create valuable content that helps the users within your niche. Additionally, you want to be consistent in your effort. 

To grow an audience on Facebook outside of your personal profile, you have 3 options: 

  • Owned Pages 
  • Owned Groups 
  • External Pages and Groups 


All of them are useful if you understand what their purpose is. Here is a breakdown. 

Getting the most out of Facebook Pages 

 A Facebook Page is a dedicated space that represents your business where you can publish your fresh content. On this page, followers will find all the information related to your activity and they can also engage with your content.  

Given the growth of Facebook in the last decade, growing a FB page organically can be challenging. However, if you stay consistent and your content attracts users/stimulates interaction, you will be able to grow it without ads. 

On your page, the published content should follow an editorial line that matches the theme of the page. Therefore, be focused on a topic/market and avoid sharing anything else that might diverge from the main topic.  

For instance, if you decide to focus on Fundamental Analysis for stocks, avoid sharing your political views or your excitement for your football team’s success. 

On your Facebook page you can insert a link to your broker contextually to your content. Additionally, you can place the referral also in the description of your page. 

The limit of Facebook Page is that it is hard to foster interactions and engage directly with the users. However, Facebook provides you with a better tool for that end: Facebook Group. 

Getting the most out of Facebook Groups  

A Facebook Group works awesomely for affiliates because they allow them to create a community 

A community is a group of people with a common cause or a shared goal. In your case probably something like “making money in the stock/crypto/forex market”. 

If you are the leader of such a community, your success will be inevitable as your FB group will become a pillar for its users as well as the place to find expertise, suggestions and directions. 

Here is the catch though. You want to lead a community and not dominate it.  

What does this mean? 

Simply, you don’t want to fly solo. You want users to interact and bond with each other. Therefore, you have to share helpful content, raise subjects of interest and provide thoughtful views. 

Additionally, you want to keep the conversations focused around a main subject to make your group a “go-to” place for expertise on a subject. 

When it comes to affiliate links, in your group you can promote them as much as you consider appropriate. Don’t do hard sell though. 

External Pages and Groups 

Although the word “social” should be self-explanatory, many ignore or underestimate how powerful is to interact with other content on social media. 

If you want to be successful, speed up the creation of a community and attract new users systematically for free, then you have to engage with content created by others. 

The core of this strategy is to select groups and pages that are close or related to your main topic and then interact. Interacting here means to engage actively by sharing your view or adding something to the ongoing conversation. Avoid useless comments like “Amazing wow!”. Rather elaborate your thoughts or how that content inspired you.  

Interacting will strengthen your authority on a subject. Additionally, a valuable comment can attract the interest of new users who are always keen to follow creators who bring food for thought. 

When performed systematically, this strategy works as a charm. Thus, do not underestimate its value. 

When it comes to your affiliate links, groups and pages share their “terms” and you have to respect them. The general suggestion is to add links only if they add value to the ongoing conversation, and not for the hope of having clicks. 

The main goal of this strategy, however, is not to get clicks rather to attract users to spaces you control: your page and group. 


Although Facebook is extremely populated, growing on the platform takes time and effort. Thus, if you decide that Facebook is a social network you want to invest your energy in, be sure to structure your effort to be consistent in the long run. 

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