Website building is a vibrant and dynamic project, which can be carried out by both experts and non-experts. As an affiliate, you can choose to build a website to promote your campaign. Don’t be put off by the technicalities of it, in this guide we’ll provide you with a checklist of everything you need to build your own website to drive more traffic to sign up using your EagleFX affiliate link.

There are multiple ways to approach building a new website, and the best option for you could depend on numerous factors such as time, skill, and creativity. Here are three different methods to build a site:

Hire a Professional Web Designer

These days it is pretty easy to find a freelance web designer or a company that specializes in developing websites however you will also be required to pull your weight here. The designer will still need your guidance as to the content and general aesthetic you want. However, you won’t have to dedicate as much time to the build.

One thing about this option to consider is the cost. Depending on the specifications you want for your website, the cost can vary according to the detail and time taken to create it. Be wary of very cheap quotes, you don’t want to ruin your reputation before you get off the ground. On the opposite side of the scale, take into consideration ongoing costs and the difficulties with operating a technically advanced website with intricate features that require maintenance.

Use an Open-Source Platform

This is a great option as there are multiple companies like WordPress you can work with online. A simple google search will garner plenty of results however, you will need to find a hosting company as well in order to host your new website online.

There are some technical sides to this process too, such as installing the open-source software as well as any necessary plugins required. However, the company you choose for the website build as well as the hosting will be able to guide you on the basics of these processes.

To really make the most of open-source, some beginner knowledge on coding and a decent amount of time to dedicate can make a huge difference. Remember as it is open-source, you will be in charge of running any updates and maintaining the website yourself. With the right platform, you can build an effective yet simple website or a highly advanced and intricate website, which is great as you grow your market and evolve your business.

Use an Easy Website Builder

This is a perfect option if you are just getting started and aren’t very technically savvy yet. This kind of site builder provides simple solutions for creating a great-looking platform for yourself. They’re designed to help non-experts at every stage, saving you time and costs by giving you a wide choice of templates that you can adapt to make your own. Technical skills are not a requirement although a good understanding of design will help you create an attractive site.

In reality, website builders can help anyone create a professional-looking site. This option removes the need for coding knowledge, hosting platforms, and plug-ins because these features are built into the platform. If you require any assistance, you can always hire a designer to help you put together an exceptionally attractive website, to boost your campaign.

What Should I Include on My Website to Attract Traffic?

While the final design and layout will be up to you as the creator, here are some suggestions to include on your website in order to diversify the intended audience and attract a larger market of people.

  • About Us
  • Featured in/on page
  • A review Section
  • A video section (perhaps linked to your YouTube channel etc)
  • Industry advice and tips
  • Guest blog section
  • Breaking News
  • Celebrity orientated section
  • Contact us
  • Image gallery
  • Brand of the month section
  • Upcoming events to watch

There are a great many ways to define and stylize your own brand and website, these are just a few to get you started. Take a look at our other articles here for more information on how best to market as an affiliate and make the most of various online platforms and advertising techniques. Don’t forget, we also provide promotional content you can use on your own site or other marketing channels you work with.

For everything else, reach out to our specialty affiliate department and one of our dedicated managers will be happy to assist you.


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