Forex and CFD affiliate programs are seen as the most profitable in the affiliate industry. It is not uncommon to see affiliate partners making over $100k on commissions alone, especially when promoting an already well-established and reputable Broker such as EagleFX. There are several tricks and tips on how to run a successful campaign and grow your referrals to the size of your liking.

In this article we have explored 5 vital points that can consistently earn you high commissions and generate significant traffic to the platforms that you promote EagleFX on.

Guest post on reputable sites:

This is an area that can easily be overlooked due to the large quantity of sites and platforms offering guest articles, sometimes free and sometimes paid as well. It is in your best interest to do a fair amount of research on the websites and platforms you are planning on collaborating with.

A good starting point is to try only guest post on websites with a DA (Domain Authority) of over 40. This naturally results in a good reputation. It can enhance your credibility and improve your expertise. Ultimately you want to be in the position of thought leader in your respective industry.

Guest Post on websites with 10k + traffic:

Collaborating with platforms that generate a minimum of 10k in traffic to their site will benefit you greatly. Not only are more people naturally able to find and read your articles, creating more organic sign-ups with your referral link, you will also generate more traffic to your own websites and platforms.

All the visitors to your respective channels will help establish you as a market leader in terms of opinion and information. It is also a way for potential sign-ups to see the quality of your work and perhaps offer you money to guest on your platforms. Wanting to associate themselves with you is a good reflection that you are doing things well but remember not to compromise the quality for quantity.

Strategically place back links in your guest posts:

CTAs or ‘Call to Actions’ are subtly embedded back links that every established promoter knows about and uses. It is a simple yet very effective way of generating more traffic as well as promoting previous or linked articles with helpful information you know your traffic will appreciate.

Try to include at least one of these back links in your posts, generally in the body of the text. Remember to make it flow naturally and relate to your content as opposed to stuffing the article for the sake of SEO.


Only put out high quality content with valuable information:

One of the best things you can do for yourself is research. It is very difficult to sound technically reliable and trustworthy without having a good understanding of the industry you are partnered with.

Take your time to read and relate to the content you want to push. EagleFX offers an array of articles and promotional materials all designed to help you understand and effectively promote the Broker on multiple channels of communication, giving you all the required tools to succeed.

Include a bio on guest posts with a link to your platform/s:

Usually placed at the bottom of your guest post, this is a small but significant tool you can leverage to your benefit. Remember to include your full name and any relevant links to your own sites and platforms. Don’t overwrite the description, keep it short but bold in order to pique curiosity, taking your audience from interested to invested.


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