When it comes to affiliate marketing, high quality content is the key to a successful campaign. There are a few basic rules a content creator needs to know in order to write effective content. We’ve listed 7 powerful tips that you can incorporate into your affiliate marketing strategies in order to create brilliant content.  

  1. Honesty

    With the internet at most people’s fingertips, it can be very easy for someone to discredit false information and lose trust in you, the campaigner. Be honest, provide examples and justifications for your opinions and experiences. You target audience will appreciate the relatability and transparency of your content and the objectivity of your judgements. 

  2. Experience

    Similarly, to the above point, it is important to not guess facts about a service or product that you intend to advocate for. If you want to build an effective affiliate marketing strategy, you will need to have real-life experience with the platforms or products you are promoting. Your goal should be to build authority and credibility online, pretending to be an expert on something will ultimately be recognized as such, and hold no value to your audience.

  3. Keywords

    Researching core words in order to succeed with SEO will be fundamental to any online marketing strategy. Google has particular requirements in order to have your content rank highly.  You must optimize your content in line with these requirements if you want to be successful. 

    Find out which keywords are highly-trafficked and regularly searched but not frequently used in content, making them lower competition words which can assist your SEO ranking. There are several tools available online like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest, to help you with this and keep track of your data.  

  4. Voice

    Using the appropriate tone of voice that appeals the most to your target audience, will set you apart immediately from other affiliate marketers. Depending on your intended target audience, you can define this tone. It can be playful, sarcastic, conversational or formal to name only handful of options.  

    It is also important that you understand everything you put out, therefore do not use words you are unfamiliar with, your audience may likely be unfamiliar with them too.  

  5. Visuals

    It just simply isn’t enough anymore to only use textual content. Incorporating visual aspects into your work can assist in explaining what your words may not articulate well. Adding diagrams, pie charts, images or even videos will certainly aid your campaigns and can increase the time someone spends on your platform or website, which is important for SEO metrics.

  6. Length

    Depending on the specific audience you are addressing, you need to distinguish whether longer or shorter content is working better. Some affiliate marketers may post short 400 – 800-word articles daily while others may only post a couple times a month but the articles are quite lengthy at over 2500 words per piece. At the end of the day, it all depends on the topics you are discussing. 

  7. Relevance

In order to make a successful affiliate marketing campaign, you need to be aware of what your audience already knows about the relevant product or service. What might they be looking to learn online and what are some of the topics they are searching for?

Instead of going into details about how to fill in a sign-up form with a name and email address, rather focus on features and durability. You do not need to list every benefit or pro of a product, as this will have the opposite effect you are hoping for, but you should detail a little about their best features and offers and explain why it sets them apart from others. Your audience will appreciate practical comparisons.  


If you are passionate and driven, with a little time and experience you can optimize your high-quality content and generate the affiliate marketing income you desire. Use these 7 go-to tips to get started and keep checking our affiliate learning centre for more effective ways to successfully affiliate market.  


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